With much of the world slowing down for several weeks if not months, we needed to find a way to bring to life a collection which represented how we adapted to our new normal.

As an industry, fashion is one of the largest polluters in the world. While we have always practiced slow fashion and embraced more sustainable ways to produce, the global pandemic meant we embraced this even further.

Les Roches is made up of some of our favourite fabrics we’ve used in previous collections, cut into key Magali Pascal shapes. Think shirt dresses, oversized blouses, flowing jumpsuits.

The collection meant that we were able to keep our factory open once it was safe to do so, allowing us to continue to support the community in Bali, Indonesia, which as supported us for so long.

With Les Roches we pivoted to more sustainable approaches to fashion production and deliveries, while staying true to our Magali Pascal identity.